3. Concept: Fire

The inspiration is from Jan Hus who touched the fire and he got burned. Among the many, no doubt apocryphal, stories of Jan Hus's life is one that relates an incident in his youth, which foreshadowed his fate as a Christian martyr. According to the account, the youthful Hus was sitting beside a fire one … Continue reading 3. Concept: Fire


1. concept:Blind and visually impaired

So I am behind for two weeks. But I was reading about Jan Hus history and main facts about the war. Realised as I start to step in Religion and the war section, I will touch the politics and current situation. I want to try to avoid it. Instead of it, I want to focus … Continue reading 1. concept:Blind and visually impaired

Hussite -Research/Inspiration

  The original motive for the playing cards have been chosen because of the reformer. Introduced improvements into medieval Czech language, such as the diacritic including the "hook" háček (ě,š,č,ř,ž), the "dot" above letters for strong accent, as well as the acute accent to mark long vowels (á,é,í,ó,ú), in order to represent each sound by a single symbol. He was a key predecessor to Protestantism. … Continue reading Hussite -Research/Inspiration