3. Concept: Fire

The inspiration is from Jan Hus who touched the fire and he got burned. Among the many, no doubt apocryphal, stories of Jan Hus's life is one that relates an incident in his youth, which foreshadowed his fate as a Christian martyr. According to the account, the youthful Hus was sitting beside a fire one … Continue reading 3. Concept: Fire

Around the world research/inspo

In this post I done research from various angles. designers who tries to identify the traditional art with current design, as well some history inspiration and together similar creative minded people try to find the identity in the world with their ayes. Research some significant folk art ornaments from Czech Republic. One of the first one is … Continue reading Around the world research/inspo

2. Brief Form

  Project Title "Around the Globe Identity" Client Self initiated project, for my personal brand. Creating product which can be limited edition and help me to gain recognition and sales. Possibility to cooperate with different country organisation, like craft studios, printing places, publications etc.  First idea could be great to corporate with Czech traditional Blue … Continue reading 2. Brief Form

FGP – Final Graphic Projects

1. Knack  Client The interest person is me and proposed cooperated person, like "Elpida" in Prague, private persons and some small organisations. Introduction "Knack" project was starting point in first BA semester in Prague College. As I found a real potential for this specific platform, I thought it could be great opportunity to develop real prototype … Continue reading FGP – Final Graphic Projects