3. concept development

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.42.50.png

Digital tryout and watercolour tryout.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.44.05.png

The watercolour technique gives more personal and craft touch, but does not give new look for the cards. I can say even more complicated look.

After realising in my portfolio is missing some digital work. So I thought this could be nice start, so I crystallised few points:

  • clean
  • simple
  • easy to understand
  • accessible for visual impaired and blind person.

First for the printing:

Need to confirm if it is possible to have UV spot varnish because it is the most easiest way to get braille onto the cards, not destroying the back side and playing technique.


And just thinking is it possible to get the gold/bronze feel to the cards not using embossing.



As well keeping the concept of Fire, want to make real burned wood inside of box, to feel the texture and the material + impressive look. As well it symbolise the production, the second life and so on.

So I wound this company, who does Shou Sugi Ban special wood material technique.

The wood grain and carbon content metamorphasize when flames lick and burn the surface; an ancient Japanese technique known as shou-sugi-ban (burning cedar). – See more at: http://blog.alexanderlamont.com/blog/shou-sugi-ban-beauty-burnt-wood#sthash.YG3yXjPD.dpuf

I will give a try maybe myself, but don’t know where I can get the burning tool..





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