3. Concept: Fire

The inspiration is from Jan Hus who touched the fire and he got burned.

Among the many, no doubt apocryphal, stories of Jan Hus’s life is one that relates an incident in his youth, which foreshadowed his fate as a Christian martyr. According to the account, the youthful Hus was sitting beside a fire one winter evening reading about the martyrdom of St. Lawrence. Suddenly, he thrust his hand into the flames. When a fellow pupil pulled him away from the fire and questioned his intentions, Hus replied: “I was only trying what part of the tortures of this holy man I might be capable of enduring.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 09.24.59.png



Following step will be to make first illustration concepts based on warm colour palette and inspired from symbolic plants, stones, animals.

The idea is to make from fire bone root -white and blue feeling (box and packaging) to contrast illustrations for the main cards. Symbols used as a card visual elements.



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