1. concept:Blind and visually impaired

So I am behind for two weeks.

But I was reading about Jan Hus history and main facts about the war. Realised as I start to step in Religion and the war section, I will touch the politics and current situation. I want to try to avoid it.

Instead of it, I want to focus on society and social problems.

As well great article designers understanding colour blinding and blindness.

There was one fact that Jan Hus was touching open fire by hand and thinking about punishments, spirt, senses, the societies.. It touched me the sense part, the action.

And somehow it led me to blind or visually impaired people. So I start to look into for more information, the table games, the cards, how they play. So I found not so many articles, or games, because they do not care about visual, but more about sense and functionality!

I went today to blind exhibiti on and the visual information is NOT important for them, kind if logical, but anyway surprising and aye opening (or sense opening).

Took photos of the materials, colours, the size for the tool what they use or games.


The inspiration with already existing packaging, games or designs for visually impaired persons.


Most of the design are black and white. Sustainable, eco, less colours.

The card reading article is great insight about this problem.

The games or more info about this topic or idea.

1. – book

2.- book store

3. Starbucks gift card (for both audiences) 

4. book for children (MA project)

5. The colour sense

6. Typeface 


As well it somehow connected with embossing (of course), the blue print from traditional Czech and the mold design for it, like plastic, metal and any other material.

  • to feel
  • to see
  • to sense
Czech traditional blueprint
dry embossing

Playing cards who are embossed :




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