Around the world research/inspo

In this post I done research from various angles. designers who tries to identify the traditional art with current design, as well some history inspiration and together similar creative minded people try to find the identity in the world with their ayes.

Research some significant folk art ornaments from Czech Republic. One of the first one is from National costumes, as well the ornaments of blueprint technique. The Arimo Company in Czech are still producing textiles with the print. The only functional element is to make textile and sell as clothing.



For me, one of the biggest inspiration is The Morris Wallpapers from England. I have book about the history and the highly poisened producing method of the beautiful wall covers. The book is “Bitten by Witch Fever- Wallpaper & Arsenic in the Nineteenth-Century Home”. It could be interesting to investigate some significant symbols in peoples daily usage wallpaper ornaments and recover them, like in Czech or in different countries.


From the photographers, Atlas of Beauty, I am really fascinated, how this girl is capturing the woman around the world. The simplicity, but the same time deepness. Just incredible inspiration.

Giulia, Sardinian.jpg

Imane, Paris.jpg
Imane, Paris
Maria, Havana.Cuba.jpg
Maria, Havana

The nordics know how to combine traditional, simple, design, sustainable.. Especial the Fins with the textile. These designers, Saana-ja-Olli,  creates textiles from hemp and bring back the folk art to the designs.



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