4. Brief Form


Project Title



Self initiated project based on friends feedback and my own free will. 


I found that when you are in the countryside you tend to do some other activities and one time there were paling cards with old school designs, really old playing cards. In English they call Pony. My friend said I must make new ones, because we loved this game.

So after some thought I thought it could be great to make some memories from our memories, some new activity and interaction with friends. The cards simplistic war time, and the last production was in early 70’s. So I found the opportunity to make something really simple, but perfect and functional which could be great addition for my portfolio and personal shop.

It would require some Czech illustration in positive manner, new innovative design, maybe some possibilities to play online with my design. As well it could include some information about Czech, weather, nature, history, hikes etc.

Project/s Background

These cards are traditional card game – Hussite, know as Bohemian wars from  Jul 30, 1419 – May 30, 1434. It was historical moment for Czech Republic and their development.

There were two edition print in the company – Piatnik & Synové S.A  , as I can see they would use some refreshment in their products.. All detail of the cards can be found here – http://www.wopc.co.uk/czech/hussite . As they are not producing these kind of cards, it could be nice way to show new innovative solution for simple game.

As it was mentioned before, it is nice game with friends while you are in the countryside, while you have time, you want to have relax or you do such a gave with glass a wine or beer. Right now the cards represent more the Austrian/ German influence, so it could be improved and give different visual language.

It could give some positive awareness of this historical event, or the people or environment where they lived or what they celebrated.

Project/s Brief

Fallowing the traditional roots of the country, as well following the game rules.

Find the way to make packaging without glue, with simple folding or some other option which can be usable after, the paper and the materials should be easy to recycle. The illustrations and the visual language should be positive, motivating to know more about the culture and most probably could south well these ” rustic” cult era people.

The research should take part of the history as well the suppliers, like where to print, the materials, the packaging etc. Who would be interested to have it. As well this product would be great additional elements for my etsy store, which could gain more clients and give maybe some extra regular income.

The project would include some of the missing elements in my portfolio and most important it would be fun to make, especially fun as a gift for close friends.


Age from 12 and up, all who could learn to play cards and enjoy them to do. As well the people who appreciate time little bit offline and interact with closest ones, it is nice way to communicate.

Tone of Voice

It should be fun, dedicated, informative and the same time it should not be pushed. Natural feeling. Personal, you buy cards once, not every week.


The cards should be part of some historical elements, to keep the aspect why they choose this era. It should inform for some special event in Czech.

As well the packaging and visually should be appealing and professional.

No glue, folding system easy and easy to recycle. As well the printing technique could be unique to bring the value of the cards.

There should be descriptor how to play in Czech and English. The visual style should be consistent with my own.


The card side should be standard, as well look into specific parapets of printing, because playing cards have different requirements.

As well the packaging should be additional element and the best way informal. The paper should be verified, the colours and the paper quality should be decided after the research and possible themes.

It should be fun, appealing and high quality product.


The presentation would be on the table, playing card set, packaging, informative material as well some promotional material. It could be some nice environment elements to catch the playing card mood.

The portfolio presentation should include quality photo presentation and the the best selection of final outcome. The cards should be listed in e-store.


Considering it is print product, it is necessary to predict at least 30% from the time for production, mistakes and experimentation to find the right solution.

As well submission should include box with all the materials, with labeled handed in Bishops court and uploaded to Sylo. It could be nice to receive some additional feedback from users as writing my own learning outcome.


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