3. Brief Form



Real client in Berlin. Girl wants to open her own studio, after awhile a relaxation centre.


As it is really hard to decide, I will have four briefs, because to me they all seem revenant and one point I still need to do them sooner or later.

So about her, she is office girl, who is doing weekly based yoga sessions for people in Berlin. She wants to promote people to be more mindful. The concept is to develop small studio, which can grow in centre. Her main target audience is the office people, who are overworking and sit all the time next to computer and in the offices. She has been to different courses in Spain, London, Germany and USA.

Her vision is to create Urban Yoga brand identity, which includes in the beginning branding and secondary promotional materials. After loner run to create more extensive centre vision. The Brand identity includes, logo, website, visuals, flayers, cards, vouchers etc.

This project would be nice adding for my portfolio as well, attract more clients. As well she is quite open to all my ideas, she likes the combination with traditional art and digital. It could cover most ion the areas where I want to strengthen myself and it could be nice project to show for potential work places.

Project/s Background

Current name is City Zen Yoga, she is still considering to change the name to something more fresh. Currently she have only 90 followers on Facebook page, she have one session during the week and the visual language does not recall her vision, logo does not represent her.

There is not deep history behind, overall it is start up, with possibilities to grow. Her main vision is to promote people about mindfulness, to listen themselves, practice and experience new sensation.

As well she have small place, where she practices and it is near to office site, but the place itself is calm and relaxing. The location is in Berlin, Germany. It should provide people services.

Project/s Brief

Right now there are plenty of Yoga studio and not to be clique is quite challenging. As she mentioned, she likes to be more open, more free and mindful, so it could be really playful, cheerful, positive, with calm tones and deep meaning.

It can be artistic. It should inform people about the service and what they will gain from these practices.

Berlin right know is trending, with great places, so there is necessary to do deep research how to stand out in crowd. How to attract office people and what are their behaviour and potential needs.


It will be for people who live in city centre and especially who work ling hours next to computer or in offices. So mainly who are over 24 and more. Right now the percentage of the gender are equal. The biggest challenge would be attract them to attend or be informed for such a kind of activity. As well it is little bit further from centre, so no for weekends.

Tone of Voice

Calm, positive, with pastel artistic flow illustrations. Urban elements could include as it is in the centre. Should be clever, clean, well informed. Should be straight forward with the information. 


The Brand identity includes, logo, website, visuals, flayers, cards, vouchers etc. The whole package and for the further cooperation some refinements or adjustments.

As I need to send the package to the Berlin, I need to consider all print material cost and availability. As well maybe find some printing place on the place.


Print and digital, it could be nice illustrative promo material for FB or some social media network.



For the presentation to the client would be online based, as well Skype calls, as she is from the distance I can not meet her on person. Except I could visit her in Berlin to see the place, get the inspiration. As well the final presentation would include physical materials, as well the portfolio presentation which might include professionally photographed composition.


The submission is near 01.05.17. 

As I have most of the materials print and some digital, I need to consider the printing time in advance. At least 2- 3 weeks before the deadline of submission, so I still have time to see the small defects or effects, document everything and adding to portfolio.

Everything should be handed in Bishop’s and Sylo, as well all physical peaces should be given as box format with labelled name. It could include Learning Outcome and future perspective. Maybe some feedback from the client.



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