2. Brief Form


Project Title

“Around the Globe Identity”


Self initiated project, for my personal brand. Creating product which can be limited edition and help me to gain recognition and sales. Possibility to cooperate with different country organisation, like craft studios, printing places, publications etc. 

  • First idea could be great to corporate with Czech traditional Blue print factory.

As the project would run long term, it is possible to cooperate or have open possibilities for future development. As well motivation to keep going after graduation.


Realised I am moving/ traveling quite ofter, my own identity is fading between different cultures and environments. I start to question what is keeping your identity and what exactly is reminding you, from where you are coming from. I realised when I was in Africa, there are still ethnical tribes and in Nordics there are some small groups of ethnical people. They have still some primitive bounds to nature, culture and traditions, which I found really fascinating and informative.

Idea was to find new visual informative material, who would attract people to think about these cultures from all over the world. They are right now almost disappearing, loosing their traditions or ethnical identity.

It would be great starting point for lifetime project or long run project. Starting point for the final Prague College project would obviously the Czech Republic. After the graduation it can be Norway and next we can see what it can be. The outcome it might change, but the base idea is wallpaper collections. It can cover couple of specifications in my portfolio, like packaging, branding, pattern design, cooperation, insight in History, promoting local people and their work as well making awareness of national traditions and informing people abroad/ locally.

Project/s Background

As the starting point is in Czech, then the history background, still it is necessary to go in depth of information quality and correctness. After research there is Blue-prints as part of the traditional futures and patterns. They are still producing, but I can say they are disappearing, it is nothing bad, but it is sad that such a beautiful art form is fading in technology era. Traditional Czech tribes are dated before 700, so it could be starting point to search for some patterns.

Right now they work with textiles and there is couple of wrapping papers, illustrations, but so far nothing related to wall decoration or wall elements. New wall system should consist traditional pattern system in new innovative way. It should inform people and make awareness that it is part of Czech culture. It should introduce people to disappearing part of history.

Project/s Brief

The process should include finding new pattern system which would symbolise Tribe Czech  culture before and after 700 year. As well It can consist some motivating or inspiring Czech traditional cultural elements, like nature, products, some book story or motivating historical element.

It should consist at least three designs for collection, who are well refined and made ready to use for customers. Considering the budgeting and maybe some sponsorship from ethnical organisation.

The wallpapers or product should be sustainable, which  are under the sustainable guidelines. It should be certified. It can be even produced in small studio with hands, like screen printed, block printed, roll printed. The amount should be limited and editions should cover the expense part of the product. So the outcome should at least be on zero level.

Everything should be documented, the historical photos, inspiration  materials, names, photos, as well additional interviews and supporting materials for the outcome.

For the final outcome product should be small informative material about location or historical event, or some revenant information about product. It can be as a label, mark, packaging, small book, brochure.

. As the production would take part neither in  Germany, Czech, or Sweden I need to consider the transportations and strategy part.


Target audience for this particular object would be some commission wallpaper agencies, as well local design stores, where most of the people are who are interested well crafter professional product.

The minimum age group could be from 20 and up.

Define an audience or user group for your project work and explain how you will research your audience to improve your understanding of market needs and expectations. Identify the communication problem(s) to solve, such as location, positioning, age and gender.

Tone of Voice

Informative, decorative, pleasant, emotional or rising awareness, or question. As it is decorative elements and I tried to avoid the decorative art in my projects, then I should find some really inspiring or shocking story. It should bring people thoughts about it. 


It is unknown if its going to be a wallpaper collection (but I hope so, it depends on costs and budgeting)

1.Should be deep and fast research and inspiration from the history, if possible to communicate with some person who know well the history, especially the ethnology, folk art and traditional art.

2.Creating various sketches, patterns, drawings, experiment. Consider the colour combinations and the print possibilities.

3.Meanwhile investigate the possible manufactures/ places where it can be done, it might be as hand made work, but necessary to consider the cost, which can lead for overpriced product without interest for buying.

4. It should be simple, effective, easy to apply and easy to take care.

5. After pattern consideration and information, necessary to think about the final outcome, branding, name, look, photo shooting. How long it takes to produce first samples.

6. Make e-shop, website, for the final outcome display decoration. It might be some video interview or promo video.

7. Launching day should be the same as the exhibition, so the people can order to get the wallpapers from the first day.

8. The main collection should consist at least three well thought designs as well all the packaging and the delivery possibilities.

9. Everything should be less with plastic or at least recycled plastic, sustainable paper, water based colours, less glue, less paper usage. All these factors what can reduce the cost and become more sustainable product for people.

10. Wola, lets have ready product.


It should be one of the tapestry papers, who is easy to clean, but do not do harm for nature, as well it will include promo materials, like e-store, website etc. The site should be the standard, just because of the production availability, all custom requirements makes the product more expensive.

The pattern design should be open, but stick for my own style, but catch the essence of the project.


The presentation should be digital and physical. For the final show and after that, the product should show high quality and professional touch. It should be well presented with right installation elements and promotional materials about the product. The final peace would consider wall installation with interior elements, to make it realistic.

It should be possible to deliver for some stores, as well I need to consider how to present in other places.


The final date is 01.05.17.

Everything should be market in the blog, well documented procedure, all illustrated sketches in one sketchbook with notes, colour combination, paper examples etc.

As well the final illustrations should be market, and kept as original peaces. Rest of the point are marked above section in requirements. There should be presentations box for the Bishops Court and the SYLO submission.

End of the project should be my learning Outcomes and future considerations.



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