1.Brief Form

Project Title



The interest person is me and proposed cooperated person, like “Elpida” in Prague, private persons and some small organisations.


“Knack” project was starting point in first BA semester in Prague College. As I found a real potential for this specific platform, I thought it could be great opportunity to develop as a real prototype for my final project semester. The potential clients and supporters would be, like “Elpida”, social centres in Norway, social centre in Brno, might be in England, just because of the popularity and development.

It would be great tool to connect two generations and share their experience, knowledge and skills. This project would help me to go thought all the procedure from first concept ideas to detailed User Experience, User Interface, as well illustrations, research, interaction with real people (testing), searching for potential sponsors and finding programmers who would make it happen(I have one friend who is willing to do Android version as part of programming). This project would be my highest peak in portfolio, which would show all fields what I am interested in, as well gaining more strength in my portfolio.

Right now the project is in starting point and just as a concept. There is potential to development it further and offer as a real product. As well I see a opportunity to develop while I have time to go into details. It is missing promotion, all prototype design interface and experience, branding, might be some animation etc.


Project/s Background

Right now there are couple of organisations who are working with similar ideas or to try to make the concept live thought the local people. Most of the organisations are creating the program that they are giving some new knowledge for elderly persons, so younger adults are teaching older adults, not other way around.

As well there are no overall information where it could happen, how and what you will gain from it. Basically no overall platform. So this is something new, new tool to connect people.

The project developed from previous semester LPC. This project could change the interaction and exchange between people, as well it would improve the awareness that we should not label elderly persons as reticent and helpless.

Project/s Brief

The application should be informative and helpful for users. No unnecessary informations, require close interaction and test with users, record feedback and improve the design.

As well, it should be readable and simple enough for elderly persons as well appealing for younger generation. The application should make sense, it should provide information about nearest people or activities what are happening in locally.


There is two target audiences – younger generation from young age around 13-18 to 65.

And then from 65 and up. Which makes quite challenging, but these are two areas, the biggest challenges are that elderly persons are not informed enough or they do not want to interact thought smartphones, applications and social media.

The location base, should consider taking the course in some different locations, neither it can be with video call, video instruction or meeting in person. The biggest problems would be the communication with the distance, as well if the elderly person is in smaller village, then the younger adult without car would be quite challenging to meet the person.

The third challenge would be the language problems, like the abroad or international speaking person meet the local person who speaks only one or does not speak theirs. So need to consider some extra services, or some translation tool, or maybe some grandchildren can attend.

Tone of Voice

The project should be welcoming, supporting and open minded. It should be personal and simple at the same way.


The outcome would be running application as well promotional materials to spread out the news.


It would be UX/UI design product, as well it should run thought Android phones and iPhones. The size parameters are given by prototype design. The typeface, colours and overall visual style should match with the user group.

If necessary to add some printed material of the guidelines and overall information, might be nice to add some teaser or small promo video about the product.


The final presentation would be running application, with all necessary informations. As well for the client purpose and digital/ print presentation it is necessary to provide professional presentation of the product. It might include additional photo shooting with final product to make the professional outcome of the product. If necessary adding small video and print brochure.


The final duo date of 01.05.17!

All notes of the development should be written in the blog. Weekly result documented and evaluated as a Final Project Learning Outcomes.

All work to be handed in Bishop’s and Sylo. All final work to be submitted as mounted mockups. All used books and development work to be contained in a named presentation box. Etc.



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