FGP – Final Graphic Projects

Iphone _1st intro_1.jpg
1. Knack 


The interest person is me and proposed cooperated person, like “Elpida” in Prague, private persons and some small organisations.


“Knack” project was starting point in first BA semester in Prague College. As I found a real potential for this specific platform, I thought it could be great opportunity to develop real prototype for my final project semester. The potential clients and supporters would be from all over the world.

It would be great tool to connect two generations and share their experience, knowledge and skills. This project would help me to go thought all the procedure from first draft ideas to detailed User Experience, User Interface, as well illustrations, research, interaction with real people (testing), searching for potential sponsors and finding programmers who would make it happen. This project would be my highest peak in portfolio, which would show all fields what I am interested in.

Right now the project is in starting point and just as a concept. There is potential to develop further and offer as a real product. As well for such a extensive project there would not be other time to go thought in details.

Theme: Making bridge between two generations

Subject: UI/UX ; Branding

Specialism: Digital media

Approach: Application


2. Identity 


The concept generator is me, as well as client, but there is a open possibility for further corporations with some companies, as well sponsors. It can be part of some ethnological organisation.


Realised I am moving/ traveling quite ofter, my own identity is fading between different cultures and environments. I start to question what is keeping your identity and what exactly is reminding you, from where you are coming from. I realised when I was in Africa, there are still ethnical tribes and in Nordics there are some small groups of ethnical people. They have still some primitive bound, which I found really fascinating and natural.

Idea was to find new visual informative material, who would attract people to think about these cultures from all over the world. They are right now almost disappearing, loosing their traditions or ethnical identity.

It would be great starting point for lifetime project or long run project. Starting point for the final Prague College project would obviously be Czech Republic. In portfolio I can see I am missing Functional design or Social design. As I am interested in it, it could be great start. As I am interested and it comes naturally to do hand drawn illustrations, patterns, designs. It can be run as collection base, research (blog), branding, sketching, cooperating, interviewing and producing final product, which might be helming even those people and most important making awareness to other people. As I am planning to move back to Norway and set up new working space, it could be great motivation for further development in Nordics and after in different world countries.

Theme: World identity in different cultures

Subject: Illustration, Branding, Packaging, Pattern, (Awarness campaign in some ways)

Specialism: No idea.. It makes in all fields..

Approach: Functional, physical product which can run as a collection base for some time, should be sustainable


3. Yoga Studio


Real client in Berlin. Girl wants to open her own studio, after relaxation centre.


She is office girl, who is doing weekly based yoga sessions for people in Berlin. She wants to promote people to be more mindful. The concept is to develop small studio, which can grow in centre. Her main target audience is the office people, who are overworking and sit all the time next to computer and in the offices. She has been to different courses in Spain, London, Germany and USA.

Her vision is to create Urban Yoga brand identity, which includes in the beginning branding and secondary promotional materials. After loner run to create more extensive centre vision. The Brand identity includes, logo, website, visuals, flayers, cards, vouchers etc.

This project would be nice adding for my portfolio as well, attract more clients.

Theme: Urban Yoga studio in Berlin

Subject: Branding

Specialism: Digital, print

Approach: Personal, craft and digital..

16251605_1318223894890306_4750975527660121549_o.jpg4.Vegan Fruit Ice Creams


Real client in Latvia. He is making vegan, natural Ice creams based on fruits base. Startup.


Help the friend to go step forward with his business to sell the lollipops. The project itself for me is really personal, because I support his ideas, he is driving across the capital to deliver them in person. He makes them as well by hand.

He start to get recognition and now he seeks to have branding for his brand.

Overall it could be nice addition for my portfolio and as I have time and I will not income out of it, I see a point to make nice commercial for him and me. And I haven’t done anything in Latvia, so it could be nice start. This could include open media and development, but contact with client which can lead different outcome as initially had.

Theme: Sustainable, eco branding for local people

Subject: Brandig

Specialism: Digital, print

Approach: Playful, fun, craft, personal


5.Redesign Czech Playing cards (Hussite)


I am the client



I found that when you are in the countryside you tend to do some other activities and one time there were paling cards with old school designs, really old playing cards. In English they call Pony. My friend said I must make new ones, because we loved this game.

So after some thought I thought it could be great to make some memories from our memories, some new activity and interaction with friends. The cards simplistic war time, and the last production was in early 70’s. So I found the opportunity to make something really simple, but perfect and functional which could be great addition for my portfolio and personal shop.

It would require some Czech illustration in positive manner, new innovative design, maybe some possibilities to play online with my design. As well it could include some information about Czech, weather nature, history, hikes.

Theme: Redesign playing cards- Pony

Subject: Branding, illustration, packaging

Specialism: Digital, print

Approach: Playful, fun, craft, personal




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